There are several ways that individuals, churches, or organizations can get involved in God’s work at The Way Home.

Prayer:  The ministry is forming a prayer chain called Gideon’s 300.  The goal is to have three hundred people in our community that will commit to pray for immediate needs of a resident or residents.  A text message will be sent to anyone who would subscribe and be willing to pray.  Often times a resident is under a specific attack or temptation and prayer is the intervention that will yield success as they battle spiritually.

Volunteer:   for us to complete the mission God has given and to see his work bring forth fruit volunteers are needed in a number of areas, as mentors, to drive the men as needed to work or appointments, or in helping prepare meals or make repairs to the house.

Giving:  The Way Home expenses are covered by fees that the men pay once they have established themselves in jobs.  But, it is important that these men have the chance to search, apply, and obtain a job without falling behind.  Giving helps support the ministry to provide this time as a buffer for the men.  Four weeks is the maximum time that most need to find a job and receive a pay check.  We are looking to donors that want to support the ministry with a widow’s mite offering of  $12 to $25 dollars a month.  With twenty widow’s mite offerings a month we can provide seventy weeks of bed time for residents a year.  This could be done through small groups, Sunday school classes or families that want to help.

Donations: of furniture or other items that are specifically needed at the home.  The ministry from time to time is looking for specific items please check back regularly and check the list below.  As the men prepare to transition from the home they often lack the basics for furniture and appliances.  The Way Home has begun to accept donations that will be stored and given to the men as needed when they leave the ministry.

Specific items needed:

  • Weight benches or workout equipment
  • Small refrigerator
  • Kitchen table