1. Must be over 18 years of age
  2. Must be past detox and 30 days sober or clean from any substance. Those who have been committed to longer recovery programs will be given preference to reside at the home.
  3. Complete an application and provide accurate information as needed on the application.
  4. Submit to a drug test and background check on entering as a resident.
  5. Must be male gender by birth and live as a male gendered individual.
  6. Must accept commitment to the Christian disciplines, doctrines and the teachings from the Bible.  The statement of faith is the basis for what we believe and will teach.
  7. Faith background is not important but the resident must commit to the use and application of God’s word the Bible in the practice of living in a transformational way.
  8. Require two letters of recommendation from an addiction counselor, sponsor, chaplain, pastor, jailer, or teacher.
  9. Must demonstrate a willingness to change and grow.  This will be assessed by input from the resident and information gathered from references and letters.
  10. Must be willing to sign the resident agreement and comply with all the terms of the disclosure statement.